Community Driven

We aim to create an alliance between adult, child and your environment by building games conscientiously. 100% Canadian made, eco-friendly products, and through teachable moments in our games and in Sylvia’s Game archive. 

Learning through playing

Fun games easily attract kids. Fun games with learning opportunities attract parents. Our mission is reached when children and adults enjoy playing together.

Become a Game Maestro

We see games everywhere, in everything. Turning the ordinary into extraordinary is the mark of a Game Maestro. MusIr games are meant to encourage and develop imagination so you can become Game Maestros as well.

Get a free recipe

The Hummingbird– A Flying Multicolor Dessert

A delicious Uncooked Fruit Pie, take a look at this kid's favorite recipe and try it at home with your little one, nothing like being a chef for a day and share with your loved ones.

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